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Our Services

Helping Hands Network operates as a community partnership with Schools, Parents and Children to provide all of their Out Of School Hours Care needs (Before School, After School and Vacation Care).  We actively cooperate with government agencies, schools and parents to make the use of the service and payment of fees convenient and affordable while providing exceptional value to the school community. Our
Company Philosophy on providing quality child care highlights how we are able to Guarantee Quality Childcare through Programming Expertise and Staff Development.


Helping Hands Network has a philosophy of building stronger, happier and healthier communities through provision of quality childcare in partnership with children, parents and schools.  We are flexible in providing our service and tailor our programs to meet the local community needs.  

We provide much more than child minding and our programs are designed to develop stronger, healthier and happier children.  For the convenience of Parents we also offer, on top of our standard programs, activities that extend children (sports, art, and education) and benefit parents while contributing to the desired outcomes of the school.

Quality Childcare Guarantee

To ensure we maintain high standards and excellent quality in our Services we have developed our Policy and Procedures to reflect our core values and philosophies and to meet legislative requirements.  This demonstrates our commitment to quality childcare in our programming and in the development of our staff.   A successful and thriving program can be evidenced by the continued growth in attendance numbers and satisfaction of clients at services managed by Helping Hands Network.

Programming Expertise

Our programs are designed to cater to the specific needs of your individual school community; the needs of the children, the needs of the parents (i.e. Homework club), the needs of the school and take into account the resources and facilities that are available within your community.  They also reflect the School Values and educational focus.  We have an established consultative process which is incorporated into our due diligence process, including the profiling of the children and surveying of the parents.

Our programs meet, as a minimum, legislative requirements and are designed to cater to the children’s age, skills, interests and abilities by providing a variety of challenging and recreational activities.  In the development of our programs we recognize the importance of play in the development of children.  All of our programs are evaluated to ensure they are successful in engaging the children and meeting our desired outcomes.

The Helping Hands Network Policies and Procedures have been developed with a focus on our own specific Core Values but which also meet National Guidelines and State Regulations.